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Ron Cowan

In Memoriam

It is with extremely heavy hearts that we announce the passing of artist, sculptor, Ron Cowan. We are in the midst of mourning this sudden loss, and it will take time to honor his life’s work properly. Ron and I had plans to make some major updates to this site this year. Unfortunately, it is now just one of the many projects left in midstream of a life that had so much more love and beauty to give.

Please check back from time to time because this site will not disappear. It will become a tribute to Ron’s work and the many spirits he brought out of the wood. We know that his spirit is surrounding us now in the rustling leaves, the salt water breeze, and the starlight that twinkles down through cold winter nights. To see beauty in things where others do not, is to see the world through Ron Cowan’s eyes. In this way he will live on.

At the moment, the most comprehensive account of Ron Cowan’s life can be viewed here: A Belfast Resting Place for Ron Cowan